Will I have Bad Detox Symptoms with Dry Skin Brushing?

bad detox symptomsYour Bad Detox Symptoms from Dry Skin Brushing

You might wonder, will I have Bad Detox Symptoms with Dry Skin Brushing?

Everyone has a different experience with detoxification caused by starting their  Dry Skin Brushing practice. Your experience will depend upon your life up until this point, and how you have taken care of yourself. What toxins you have in your body? Where do you fit on this scale of human health?

Which of these people do you relate to?

Dry Skin Brushing and Mild Detox Symptoms

You are 26 years old and in perfect health with gleaming hair and teeth. Your grandparents on both sides were hippies and lived next door to each other growing up at the commune in the Sixties. Your parents have never eaten a chemical or had any trauma in their lives. You grew up swimming in the river and eating off the land. The worst thing that has ever happened to you was when you found out that your 4H calf was going to be someone’s dinner.

You will most likely not have a bad time starting Dry Skin Brushing


Dry Skin Brushing and Moderate Detox Symptoms

You are 35 years old and have had a healthy, happy life. You cook for yourself and eat  well most of the time. Your best friend is your husband while your two teens are becoming a challenge. You exercise because you have to a few times a week. You are a few pounds overweight but generally you are in better shape than your peers. You go to a Spa and do colon cleanses a few times a year and it’s not too bad.

You will most likely have a few symptoms when starting Dry Skin Brushing


Dry Skin Brushing and More Severe Bad Detox Symptoms

You are 48 years old. You always feel bad. You are 100 pounds overweight. You eat fast food for many meals. Your best friend is your TV. You have had several serious medical procedures over your lifetime. You have sore aching joints which might be arthritis. You only regret three of your eight tattoos. You take some daily pills for some conditions. Your hair and skin are dull. You have never tried anything like Dry Skin Brushing before.

You will most likely have a moderate to severe reaction when you start Dry Skin Brushing.


My Experience with Dry Skin Brushing Detox Symptoms

In my case, I was the third person – only worse than you see described here. I’ve been sick and overweight since childhood. I’ve had medical tests for various mysterious illnesses over the years. I have been heavily injected with unknown substances for medical reasons. I ate every banned substance up until the day they banned it unless my mom bought extra before they took it off the shelves. I have a genetic problem with my heart and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I take a quarter cup of pills each day. I’ve had lots of traumatic experiences that I don’t like to think of.

My symptoms were severe and lasted almost two weeks. I still have minor symptoms of detoxification often when I do daily Dry Skin Brushing. I consider that to be a good thing.


Estimate your Detox Symptoms When Starting Dry Skin Brushing

In your case, go over the areas of your life:

  • Food
  • Exercise
  • General Health
  • Weight
  • Life Events

How has your life gone up until this point? You can expect your symptom severity to mirror your life.


Reduce the severity your Detox Symptoms from Dry Skin Brushing

If you are closer to person number three and expecting bad detox symptoms, please do yourself a favor and read all the free posts on this site. Get yourself cleaned up a bit before you start Dry Skin Brushing in about three months. Start with this post, and make a few consistent changes. You won’t be able to do Dry Skin Brushing now anyway because you can’t even get yourself to take a walk or drink water yet. So don’t even try until you learn more and get ready to start.


Here are the benefits of Dry Skin Brushing if you would like some more information about why you should start this practice anyway.


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Make sure you are ready for it by reading more about Dry Skin Brushing here.


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